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Estimating and business management software for printers.
The most recommended MIS for printers.

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I highly recommend Printer’s Plan for any print shop large or small

I believe Printer’s Plan is one of the best kept secrets in our industry. We have been using this system for over 20 years. Printer’s Plan handles all of our needs from multiple locations to 40” print jobs. We are one of the largest printers in Louisiana and they continue to help us grow. They keep everything very simple so training is a breeze. The cost of entry is very reasonable and yearly expenses are very low. The access to information is very fast and their reports help us with our profitability. I highly recommend Printer’s Plan for any print shop large or small.

Mallery Mele
Mele Printing – Covington, LA

I switched to Printer’s Plan

I switched to Printer’s Plan in 2013 after becoming frustrated with my previous system and their lack of response. I was able to completely convert to Printer’s Plan in a very short time period. I find the software intuitive and flexible, allowing me to easily accommodate a number of different scenarios. It is a tool that has allowed us to concentrate on the areas that generate the most profit and be successful. Web2Plan allows us to take Web orders directly into Printer’s Plan, saving us time and eliminating errors that could happen if we manually inputted those orders.

Dennis Trump
Trump Direct – Decatur, IL

I wish I had made the move years ago

I have used Printer’s Plan for 3 months now and wish I had made the move years ago. As a loyal customer of my previous MIS vendor for 17 years, I was reluctant to go through the pain of learning and implementing a new operating system for my print company. What sold me on Printer’s Plan was their team’s focus on keeping their platform current with today’s technology standards. Another bonus of making the switch to Printer’s Plan is the fantastic customer service support we’ve encountered during the transition. My team cannot say enough about how easy it is to work with Printer’s Plan.

John Crisp
Printstar Inc. – San Diego, CA

Integral part of our success for more than 20 years

Printer’s Plan has been an integral part of our success for more than 20 years. From estimating, production management, job cost and time collection, scheduling, and invoicing, we use Printer’s Plan in every area of our business. The Printer’s Plan team has been simply wonderful to work with when we needed support. They are good people who want the best for their clients.

Mary Kohler
Sir Speedy – Lancaster, PA

One of the best decisions I have ever made

Adopting Printer’s Plan as my printing companies’ print management software solution was one of the most important and best decisions I have ever made as a printing company owner. This software allows me to run my printing companies profitably, efficiently, and rationally. It is easy to use, easy to train employees on, flexible, logical, and totally relevant to everything we do here. The support is second to none, and I have never heard a negative word about the software or company. Choosing Printer’s Plan is a fool-proof decision, one which you will definitely wish you had made a long time ago!

Paula Smith Fargo
Curry Printing & Copy Center – Baltimore, MD

Solid and dependable part of our business since the beginning

Printer’s Plan has been a solid and dependable part of our business since the beginning. It’s flexibility in customizing our pricing structure and detailed reporting ability allow us to see an accurate picture of our business. SoftUSE’s staff is beyond compare and they are always available to offer assistance, recommendations and consideration for real world enhancements to their software to help us run our business even more effectively.

Heather Boesch-Wages
Sir Speedy – Middlebury, CT

We couldn’t live without the strength of this software

This software perfectly fills the needs of today’s print shop estimating, invoicing, and workflow requirements. The flexibility to customize, ability to input detailed information, and the fluidity of information handling is spectacular. We couldn’t live without the strength of this software, and it has helped put us ahead of our competition with its advanced features and display options for proposals.

Brian Kaufman
Allegra Marketing · Print · Mail – Portage, MI

You can produce 100’s of reports with simple set-up

We’ve been using Printer’s Plan since 1991 and love it. You can produce 100’s of reports with simple set-up. If there is any special report you need they will create the template for the report and send it to you for a reasonable fee. An independent printer who sold his book of business to me and came to work here had been using “Brand X” and after trying Printer’s Plan he said he sure wished he’d made that choice instead.

Jim Quinn
Sir Speedy – Carrollton, TX

Printer’s Plan is by far the best I have ever seen

Just want to drop you a note to say how pleased I am with the new Printer’s Plan 2010. I have tinkered with various pricing programs over the last 20 odd years and Printer’s Plan is by far the best I have ever seen. The more I get into it the more I understand not only how it works but how I can make it work for my company. You and your staff have done a great job.

Dennis Beck
Minuteman Press – North Palm Beach, Fl

We run our business by the numbers

We have been using Printer’s Plan for almost 20 years. We run our business by the numbers and I could not imagine doing it without the help of such powerful software as Printer’s Plan.

Jim Brebner
Sir Speedy Printing – Tacoma, WA

I came for the comprehensive package and stayed for the excellent service

I have been a Printers Plan user for almost 20 years now. I came for the comprehensive package and stayed for the excellent service. They are always open to suggestions for new features and work very hard to make it an easy to learn and operate system. Paul and service team are as responsive a tech team as you will find for any software package.

Darwin Buehler
Allegra Marketing · Print · Mail – Little Rock, AR

No doubt this program has been the best investment that I ever made

I just wanted to let you know that we completed our upgrade and as usual it went great. Absolutely no problems and the program is better than ever. No doubt this program has been the best investment that I ever made. Keep up the good work.

Rick Weston 
Delta Quick Print · Montgomery, AL

I love the flexibility

I love the flexibility of Printer’s Plan to manipulate numbers to get the program to do anything I would like, which makes our pricing consistent no matter who inputs the data. In addition their support staff is knowledgeable and very responsive to our calls.

Dan Nestor
Sir Speedy – Wilmington, DE


Thank you for all your support, your company is excellent to work with and I am SO GLAD WE SWITCHED!

Kathleen Henry
Mitchell’s Speedway Press – Oswego, NY

They are the gold standard

You will never get better support anywhere than you will from Printer’s Plan. No way, no how. They are the gold standard. I wish everyone did it like they do.

Scott Cappel
Sorrento Mesa Printing – San Diego, CA

They are good listeners

Printer’s Plan has been a wonderful vendor to us here at Allegra-Colorado Springs. We are so appreciative that they are good listeners and implement many of the User’s ideas that make our day to day operations run more smoothly. And, their Help Desk is very responsive and never dismissive. They always find a solution to any problems you might be experiencing..

Brad Rhodes
Allegra Marketing · Print · Mail – Colorado Springs, CO

One of the best moves we’ve ever made

We’ve been Printer’s Plan users for 8 years. Moving to Printer’s Plan was one of the best moves we’ve ever made as a company. The ease-of-use, flexibility and data that Printer’s Plan offers has fundamentally changed the way that we conduct and manage our business. The ROI that Printer’s Plan has offered to us during the time we’ve owned it has paid for it time and time again.

Tracey Cohen
Target Print & Mail – Tallahassee, FL

I would say a GRAND SLAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like the new version… I would say a GRAND SLAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Shippee
Shawnee Copy Center – Shawnee, KS

Switch to Printer’s Plan.

Don’t be afraid to make the switch. We did, and we couldn’t be happier.

Danny Oblad – Kwik Kopy Business Center – West Jordan, UT

In A Nutshell: Why?

With Printer’s Plan, you will have a well managed, more productive, more profitable, and more valuable business.

Printer’s Plan, the flagship of our software suite, has been serving printers in the USA and Canada since 1986.

Printer’s Plan is renowned for its friendly user interface and the richness of its reports.

Among its many features are: Estimating, Order Entry, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Production Control,

Inventory, Data Collection, Cost Management, In-depth Reporting, Contact Management, Data Exporting, and e-Commerce.

Two eCommerce solutions, Web2Plan and PlanWeb, are available to help you start and grow a successful online business.

You’ll be supported by a team that regularly gets rave reviews for its best-in-class prompt, informative and friendly service.

Our online users’ forum gives you access to the experience and creative suggestions of other printers. You’ll see our responsiveness when we incorporate users’ suggestions in our regular updates.

Printer’s Plan can help your business become more valuable.

More Productive

Improve Production Control.

More Profitable

Improve Bottom Line.

Better Managed

Improve Data Quality.

Key Features:

  1. Excellent Software
    Easy to use and powerful.
  2. Prompt Support
    Friendly and caring.
  3. and Affordable.
Order Entry

Quick Sales
Job History
Online Orders
Online Quotes

Production Control

Time Tracker
Cost Tracker
Purchase Orders

Business Management

Customer Relationships
Built-in Reports
Custom Reports
…and much more.

Printer’s Plan is the most recommended MIS for printers:


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