Technical Support Options

  • Annual Support: Our Annual Maintenance Program includes unlimited technical support and all Printer’s Plan upgrades and updates for one year. We will automatically send you a reminder when your subscription to Annual Maintenance Program is due for renewal.
    NOTE: New Printer’s Plan purchases include the Annual Maintenance Program.
  • Per Call Support: We will charge you per incident.

How to contact support

  • Email:
  • Call: 1-866-770-7561
  • When you contact us, please provide your customer number.
  • We are open Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. ET. Closed on holidays.

Please Note

  • We provide support for Printer’s Plan 2012 and later versions.
Version Released Description
2019 December 2018 What’s New and Improved…

  • If your Annual Maintenance subscription is current: You will receive the latest version by email at no charge.
  • If your subscription is not current: Please call us at 866-770-7561 to renew your subscription.
2018 November 2017 What’s New and Improved…
2017 February 2017 Learn more…
2016 March 2016 Learn more…
2015 April 2015 Learn more…
2014 April 2014 Learn more…
2012 June 2012 Learn more…
Support for version 2011 and earlier has ended.

How to install Printer’s Plan on a Workstation Computer.

Please complete the following four steps:

Step 1 – Find the version number
You will find the version number of Printer’s Plan you are using in the title bar of the Printer’s Plan window.
Step 2 – Download
Version Download two files: Libraries & Workstation Setup. Save them to your desktop and run.
  1. Workstation Setup (3 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (14 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (6 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (13 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (6 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (13 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (6 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (5 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (16 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (5 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (16 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (5 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (15 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (4 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (15 MB)
  1. Microsoft Libraries (4 MB)
  2. Workstation Setup (21 MB)
2008 Support for version 2008 and earlier has ended.

Swap Ideas and Information

The Printer’s Plan Users Group is a discussion list exclusively for Printer’s Plan users. The purpose of this free service is to provide our users a convenient way to exchange information and ideas specifically about the use and application of Printer’s Plan.

To Join:

Send an email to:

Recommended procedures for closing the year in Printer’s Plan:

Although there are no “required” Year-End Closing Procedures in Printer’s Plan, we strongly recommend that you do the following before January 1st.

  • Enter all payments you have received.
  • Post all orders you have shipped.
  • Back up your PlanData: Before you enter any data into Printer’s Plan in the new year, save a copy of the database file, PlanData.mdb, to a backup location, such as a zip disk, CD, or another computer’s hard disk. Rename the copied file. Example: PlanData-YearEnd-2010.mdb.
    Suggestion: Make a full backup by copying the whole Printer’s Plan folder on your server onto removable media, such as a CD or DVD.
  • Print an Aging Report.
  • Print key reports by month and by year. Suggestions:
    In the Reports section of Printer’s Plan, print Posting Reports, A/R Reports, Comparison Reports, At a Glance Reports, and Sales by Reports. If you have the optional QuickSale tool, open the ‘Quick Sale’ folder and print the ‘Summary by Department’ report.

If you are unable to close the year before January 1st:

You can still close the year. Do the following before entering any new data in the new year:

  • Close Printer’s Plan on all computers.
  • Change the system date of one of your computers to December 31 of the year ended.
  • Open Printer’s Plan on this computer only.
  • Follow the recommended procedures above.
  • Close Printer’s Plan.
  • Return the system date of the computer to the correct date.