Printer’s Plan Power Tools

Printer’s Plan includes the features you need to become a productive and profitable printer.

Track paper inventory, customer inventory and other materials in three easy steps:
Check Inventory, Place the Order, and Receive.

Check Inventory: See what’s needed and how many.
Order Inventory: Select what to order and how many.
Receive Inventory: Confirm what received and how many.


See what was done, what is to be done, who will do what and when, and much more. Schedule and update progress by:Job, Item, Department, Center, Date, Operator, Service Tag, Priority

Schedule and update progress by JOB.
Schedule and update progress by ITEM.
Schedule and update progress by SERVICE.
View Summary by Operator.


See where every job is: In Design, Proof, Printing, Finishing, etc.

Easily update the location of a job with a single click.


Track actual time spent and materials used. Update cost of jobs – in real time.

Track Time and Material
History – Compare Tracked vs Charged


Record and save information on multiple shipments for an order, email shipment information to customer, print professional labels for shipment boxes. You can also create re-order forms, delivery tickets, and purchase order forms for individual items.

Multiple Shipments


Print customized labels using MS Word.


Attach reminders to orders, quotes, customers, buyers, payers.

Easy to use • Functional • Useful


Export to QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, XML File.


Scan barcodes to add and find jobs and to print invoices and work orders. Update progress in Scheduler, TimeTracker, and JobTracker by scanning barcodes. (Scanners not included.)

Save time and improve accuracy


PlanWeb is the Online Ordering System of Printer’s Plan. It is seamlessly integrated with Printer’s Plan database.

PlanWeb Printer’s Plan

PlanWeb Welcome Window. You control what each buyer can do.
PlanWeb Catalog Window. Your customers can create ready-to-print PDF documents from templates. The following example shows variable data entry.
PlanWeb Cart Window. Review Cart, Bill to, Ship to, Terms and Place the Order.

With PlanWeb, your customers can:

  • Create ready-to-print PDF documents from templates
  • Order from their catalogsReorder from their past orders
  • Send files and more

With PlanWeb, your sales people can:

  • View their customers’ quotes, current orders, and past orders.
  • Access order status, contact information, reminders, and more.


Web2Plan connects your Web-to-print system with Printer’s Plan.

Your Web-to-print system Web2Plan Printer’s Plan


  • Receives order requests from your Web-to-print system and adds them to Printer’s Plan.
  • Downloads linked files into a specific art-file folder of each customer.
  • Responds to special requests, such as status and price, from your Web-to-print system.

Quick Sale

Quickly enter cash-and-carry sales and print receipts.